Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Breaking News

My kids ate Kale Chips! And didn't scream (at me, each other, or the universe in general)!

Thanks to Tricia for reminding me of this way of getting green stuff into their mouths. I made these for them once before, but I think I kind of burned them. I liked them (but then I dig around in the potato chip bag for the burned ones and like my toast just short of black) but the kids didn't and so I dropped it.

This time I made sure that I put them in a cooler oven (275), used plenty of olive oil to get them crispy and checked them often so I could pull them before they browned.

For those of you who know the hell my kids put me through when it comes to new foods I present the only thing you will believe: photographic proof (and no, I don't have sophisticated enough photoshop skills to have fudged with these.)

I'd be lying if I said they were clamoring for more than the smallish portion I gave each of them, and I doubt that they'd gravitate to them if they were, say, on a buffet where they could serve themselves. But who cares! They both ingested kale! The girl even said (after her first taste) that they would be good to have instead of popcorn when watching a movie! Not sure she'd eat a whole big bowl full, but I'll definitely make these again.