Tuesday, November 20, 2012


I'm feeling rather pissy. I just got a notice that they are stopping Everyday Food and turning it into a quarterly supplement for regular Martha Stewart Living. The monthly magazine was perfect for my kids-learning-to-cook project and MSL sure as hell won't be (talk about fussy....).

So, is there a similar monthly magazine that anyone can point me to? The recipes need to a) have a photo b) be relatively simple in the cooking technique department and c) be pretty short d) not be too adventurous in the flavor department (tasty, but not edgy or spicy).

I know there are plenty of kid-friendly cookbooks out there, but the novelty of the subscription arriving was really part of the appeal to the kids and I liked that, unlike web sites with recipes (which I actually prefer over cookbooks these days), the kids could spend time looking over the offerings and making a choice. They wouldn't have the patience to do that online.